A Comprehensive Timeline of Liverpool F.C. vs Man City Rivalry

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Liverpool F.C. and Manchester City F.C. have a rich history of memorable matches throughout the years, captivating fans with their fierce rivalry and intense clashes on the field. From stunning goals to dramatic comebacks, the matchups between these two powerhouse teams have produced unforgettable moments that have left a lasting impact on football history. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most remarkable encounters between Liverpool and Man City.

Memorable Games

Liverpool 6-0 Man City – October 1995

In a remarkable display of dominance, Liverpool delivered a scintillating performance as they cruised to a resounding 6-0 victory over Man City at Anfield. The match saw Liverpool’s potent attacking prowess on full display, with their clinical finishing and fluid passing tearing apart the opposition defense. Man City, on the other hand, struggled to cope with Liverpool’s relentless pressure and found themselves overwhelmed by the relentless attacking waves. This commanding win etched its place in history as one of Liverpool’s most emphatic triumphs over their rivals.

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Liverpool 3-2 Man City – April 2014

The encounter in April 2014 provided football fans with a thrilling spectacle as Liverpool secured a hard-fought 3-2 victory over Man City at Anfield. The match was filled with pulsating action and edge-of-the-seat excitement, with both teams demonstrating their attacking flair and unyielding spirit. Liverpool’s unwavering resolve and clinical finishing played a pivotal role in securing the win, while Man City’s valiant efforts to stage a comeback fell just short in the dying moments of the game. This enthralling contest left a lasting impression as a truly captivating display of footballing prowess.

Man City 5-0 Liverpool – September 2017

The clash at the Etihad Stadium in September 2017 saw Man City deliver a scintillating performance as they dismantled Liverpool with a commanding 5-0 victory. Man City’s electric attacking display and clinical finishing left Liverpool’s defense in disarray, as they struggled to contain the relentless onslaught from the hosts. Despite Liverpool’s resilient efforts, they were unable to stem the tide of Man City’s attacking onslaught, resulting in a resounding victory for the home side. This emphatic win showcased Man City’s formidable strength and left a lasting impact on their rivalry with Liverpool.

Liverpool 4-3 Man City – January 2018

In a thrilling encounter at Anfield, Liverpool triumphed with a narrow 4-3 victory over Man City in January 2018. The match was a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with end-to-end action and breathtaking goals that captivated football fans worldwide. Liverpool’s attacking prowess and unwavering determination were on full display, as they managed to edge past a resilient Man City side in a fiercely contested battle. The match’s dramatic twists and turns added another chapter to the storied rivalry between the two clubs, leaving a lasting impression as one of the most memorable clashes in recent times.

Man City 2-1 Liverpool – January 2019

Man City emerged victorious with a hard-fought 2-1 win over Liverpool at the Etihad Stadium in January 2019, in an intense and closely contested battle. The match showcased the tactical acumen and resilience of both teams, with each side displaying their grit and determination to secure a crucial victory. Man City’s well-organized defense and clinical finishing proved pivotal in overcoming Liverpool’s spirited challenge, ultimately securing a vital win in the title race. This fiercely fought contest added another dramatic chapter to the riveting history of encounters between Liverpool and Man City.

Liverpool vs Man City – Complete H2H record

In their complete head-to-head record, Liverpool and Man City have faced each other numerous times in various competitions, generating a compelling history of thrilling encounters and hard-fought battles. From their early clashes to the modern-day showdowns, the rivalry between these two footballing giants has produced a wealth of memorable moments that have left an indelible mark on the sport.

Liverpool and Man City’s encounters span across domestic leagues, cup competitions, and European tournaments, showcasing the fierce competitiveness and unwavering determination of both clubs to assert their dominance on the field. The complete head-to-head record between Liverpool and Man City stands as a testament to the rich history and enduring legacy of their storied rivalry.

Liverpool vs Man City – Premier League H2H record

In the Premier League, Liverpool and Man City have engaged in thrilling battles that have captured the imagination of football fans worldwide, with each match adding another chapter to their enthralling rivalry. From title-deciding clashes to high-stakes encounters, the Premier League head-to-head record between Liverpool and Man City reflects the intense competition and fierce determination of both teams to achieve success in England’s top-flight division.

Their meetings in the Premier League have often produced scintillating displays of footballing prowess, showcasing the skill, tenacity, and unwavering passion of the players as they vie for supremacy on the domestic stage. The Premier League head-to-head record between Liverpool and Man City serves as a testament to the captivating drama and enduring legacy of their fierce rivalry within the English football landscape.

Top Scorers in Liverpool vs Man City Fixtures

Throughout the historic encounters between Liverpool and Man City, a select group of players have left an indelible mark by showcasing their scoring prowess and ability to influence the outcome of pivotal matches. These top scorers have played significant roles in shaping the narrative of the rivalry between the two clubs, leaving their mark on the annals of football history with their remarkable contributions on the field.

Top Scorers in Liverpool vs Man City Fixtures:

  • Sergio Aguero – Man City
  • Mohamed Salah – Liverpool
  • Steven Gerrard – Liverpool
  • Kevin De Bruyne – Man City
  • Roberto Firmino – Liverpool


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Games Result
Liverpool 6-0 Man City (October 1995) Liverpool win
Liverpool 3-2 Man City (April 2014) Liverpool win
Man City 5-0 Liverpool (September 2017) Man City win
Liverpool 4-3 Man City (January 2018) Liverpool win
Man City 2-1 Liverpool (January 2019) Man City win

Final Thoughts The captivating history of Liverpool F.C. vs Man City timeline encapsulates the enduring drama, exhilarating moments, and rich legacy of their storied rivalry. From unforgettable victories to heart-wrenching defeats, the clashes between these footballing giants have left an indelible mark on the sport, captivating fans with their compelling narratives and thrilling displays of skill and determination. As the rivalry continues to evolve, the timeless allure of Liverpool vs Man City fixtures remains a testament to the enduring passion and unwavering spirit of football.


What time is Liverpool vs Man City?

The schedule of the match between Liverpool vs Man City can vary depending on the football season. It is best to check the latest schedule from the Premier League’s official website or your local sports news outlet.

How many times did Liverpool defeat Man City?

As of the end of 2021, Liverpool has beaten Manchester City 24 times in all competitions.

What time is Liverpool vs Man City in India?

The time of the match between Liverpool and Manchester City in India would depend on the schedule set by the English Premier League. You may find the exact time by consulting a sports broadcasting service in India or the official website of the English Premier League. Please note that India is typically 5.5 hours ahead of GMT.

Who is likely to win between Man City and Liverpool?

As an AI, I don’t predict sports results. It will depend on the teams’ form on match day, their strategies, and other unforeseen factors. Monitoring recent performances and expert analysis may give an indication.

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