England vs North Macedonia: A Timeline of Their National Football Team Match-ups

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By Rebecca J. kreitzer


North Macedonia vs England Football Timeline

FT: North Macedonia 1-1 England

The match between North Macedonia and England ended in a 1-1 draw, making history in the teams’ head-to-head encounters. The game showcased moments of intense competition and strategic plays from both sides, leaving football enthusiasts on the edge of their seats until the final whistle.

The tension in the air was palpable as North Macedonia and England battled it out on the field, displaying exceptional athleticism and determination throughout the game.

North Macedonia 1-1 England

In this significant matchup, North Macedonia managed to hold England to a draw, surprising fans and experts alike with their resilience and skill. The team’s performance demonstrated their prowess and potential as a formidable contender in international football.

England, a powerhouse in the football world, faced tough opposition from North Macedonia, highlighting the evolving landscape of the sport and the rise of underdog teams making their mark on the global stage.

Summary of North Macedonia vs England Football Timeline
Match Result
FT: North Macedonia 1-1 England Match ended in a draw



Have England ever played North Macedonia?

Yes, England have played against North Macedonia. Their encounters have usually been in the qualifiers for the European Championship and World Cup.

What is Macedonia called now?

Macedonia is now called North Macedonia. It changed its name in 2019 following a dispute with Greece about the use of the name ‘Macedonia’.

What was Macedonia called before?

Before it was known as Macedonia, the country was named the People’s Republic of Macedonia when it was part of Yugoslavia. Prior to that, it was a region in the Ottoman Empire.

Which country is Skopje in?

Skopje is in North Macedonia.

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