The Evolution Gaming Experience: High Quality, Technology, Live Casino Games and More

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Anyone up for some live casino? We’ve got just the treat for you! This review will detail all there is to know about the thrilling world of live casino. In particular, we’ll be focusing on what one leading gaming provider can bring to the table. That’s right – we’re talking about none other than Evolution Gaming.

Not sure how to kick things off? Lucky for you, you’re in good hands. Besides giving you a proper gaming review about this great provider, we’ll also be explaining how you can fully immerse yourself in these games and how you can win some big payouts! Ready to learn more? On with the show then.  

What is Live Casino?

So first things first. Before we do a deep dive about the games you can play and what prizes you can win, we need to start from the beginning. What is live casino?

Just think about a visit to a prestigious casino. Imagine the gaming area lined with slot machines, classic table games, dealers and just pure non-stop action. That’s what you’ll get when you play live casino. Only this time, you’re playing in a highly interactive environment in real-time!

We like to think of it as the crème de la crème of all online casino entertainment – and with good reason. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss out!

Live Casino Vs Online Casino

In this section of the guide, we’re going to explain take a closer look as to why you should give live casino a whirl. When compared to online casino, live casino comes with more perks. For starters, you can experience all the big thrills that happen at popular casino resorts in Vegas, Atlantic City, Monaco and Macau.

As we’ve already mentioned, live casino is all about playing in real time. All games work with cutting-edge software, HD cameras, and RFID chip tracking technologies that make the experience infinitely more entertaining. Just by using a live video and audio feed, you are directly transported to your real-time live casino game where a live dealer will give you the warmest of welcomes.

As opposed to RNG-operated games, live casino online is all about personalising your experience to a T. In fact, you can choose whether you prefer to open your video, switch on the sound or even give commands via the chat window. What really stands out in a live casino scenario is the exceptional multi-angle camera. Trust us when we say you can be part of the action from all corners of the room. All the nail-biting moments from live roulette, live blackjack or any other live casino game for that matter, will then unfold right before your eyes.

It’s almost like you’re at a casino venue, even though you’re probably in your jammies rather than fancy gowns and suits. Not bad at all right?

What also stands out in this scenario is that a live casino environment is more fast-paced. Needless to say, expectations are high here. So, although we don’t recommend live casino games to beginners who have just tested the online casino world, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a whirl once you learn the basics and master strategies of your favourite casino games.

What else is there to say…we truly love what live dealer casinos can do. They’re thrilling, they’re intense and you can play day and night. Above everything else, they never disappoint!

About Evolution Gaming

And now it’s time to introduce one of the biggest gaming giants within the live casino sphere. Without a doubt, Evolution Gaming has set the standards sky high.

Established in 2006, this company has sought to become a leading provider of B2B live dealer online casino. Over the last few years, Evolution Gaming has designed and produced a plethora of live casino games that are now available on multiple online casino platforms.

Bearing this in mind, we’re going to take a closer look at Evolution Gaming’s success story throughout the years.

Awards and Achievements

If you need more proof that Evolution Gaming truly delivers every single time, check out the company’s fair share of regards. Impressively, Evolution Gaming bagged the award for Live Casino Software Supplier of the Year for 8 years in a row between 2010 and 2018. Considering this is one of the most prestigious rewards within the gambling scene, you know Evolution Gaming isn’t messing around.

Other rewards include the G2E Awards, Software Rising Star of the Year (2010) Live Gaming Summit, EGR Nordic Awards and the EGR B2B Awards. All this goes to show that the company guarantees an immersive experience like no other and is truly one of the best live casino providers within the industry.

Undoubtedly, we can all agree that Evolution Gaming has well and truly earned its place at the top. Needless to say, these are some of the most glorious moments that any gaming provider wishes to enjoy.

Alongside the aforementioned rewards, Evolution Gaming has also achieved more milestones. In 2011, the company decided it was time to move the casino studios to bigger premises. This eventually allowed Evolution Gaming to become the first live dealer casino available in the Italian market. On top of that, Evolution Gaming has also made its way to Malta. Here, the company launched world firsts in live casino games such as Live Hold’em, Live 3 Card Poker and a more thrilling versions of their Live Roulette games.

Other achievements include the 2015  launch of their high quality multi-camera version of the existing live casino platform.

Trusted Software Provider

Without a doubt, Evolution Gaming is a gaming giant for a reason. Not only is the company known for its large variety of games, but it also has the necessary ingredients that prove that it’s legit.

In this respect, Evolution Gaming has all the licenses and permits required to be able to offer their services on multiple online casino platforms around the world. In fact, the company has maintained a great reputation with many countries across the globe. Some of these include the UK, Malta, Sweden, Spain and the Netherlands – all of which have their own offices.

Additionally, Evolution Gaming takes all the necessary measures to ensure that all software developed by the company’s in-house team is rigorously tested and overseen by gaming authorise such as the Alderney Gambling Control and the Malta Gaming Authority.

High Quality

At this stage, no one doubts the level of quality that comes with Evolution Gaming’s range of live casino games. They’re thrilling, intense and they bring a whole new different ball game every single time.

That said, we should also commend Evolution Gaming for their choice of dealers and croupiers that more or less play an important role in every single game. Most of the company’s live tables are based in Riga – Latvia’s capital city. In this state alone, there are over 3,000 employees working as dealers. If that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is!

Rest assured that all dealers are professionally trained to manage the game, place bets, deal cards and best of all, ensure that you get the experience you pay for and deserve. On top of that, all croupiers are given days of necessary training at a renowned gaming academy. All of them will speak fluent English, to make it easy for you to communicate with them.

What’s also remarkable about Evolution Gaming’s high standards is the embedded technology. As mentioned previously, all games come with HD cameras that can be adjusted to your liking and record all the nail-biting moments of your favourite games.

Whilst this makes things more entertaining, it also gives you peace of mind that your gaming experience is fair at all times. On top of that, all Evolution Gaming table undergo revies by systematic data check and spot checks, given that all live casino games need to be compliant to EU laws and regulations of the respective gaming bodies in question.

Although this sounds overwhelming, you have peace of mind that everything that is carried out in a live dealer scenario is done by the book. This means that you have the same chance of winning, just as you would expect at any other casino venue.

Game Variety

Of course any online casino game that Evolution Gaming has turned into a live casino version comes with more bets than ever before. In particular, we see this in live poker games. And we’re not just talking about the classic Texas Hold’Em variants here. Other live poker games by Evolution Gaming include Caribbean Stud Poker and Three Card Poker.

That said, there’s something for all the live roulette and blackjack players out there. Let’s take live roulette as an example. Alongside the standard versions of the game, you can play Immersive Roulette, Immersive Lite, European Roulette, Speed Roulette, French Roulette, Slingshot Audio Roulette Mini Live Roulette, Double Ball Roulette and American Roulette amongst others.

Not a table game lover? No problem. Evolution Gaming has also teamed up with several partners to create games that appeal more to slot players. Take the company’s partnership with Hasbro. Needless to say Monopoly Live is certainly one of the most entertaining live casino games out there!

All this goes to show that the designers working at Evolution Gaming go out of their way to create something that targets different tastes and bankroll preferences. We’ll be delving into more detail about the games you can play at a later section of this guide – don’ts you worry.

Bet Types

Alongside a plethora of live casino games, Evolution Gaming has also made sure that each and every game has different betting limits. Although the final decision rests in the hands of the online casino in question, Evolution Gaming still wanted to make sure their portfolio of games comes with various betting limits.

This means that players who have never tried their hand at online casino can still give it a go by checking out beginner tables. In this case, all players can place bets as low as €5 or less! If you want to raise the stakes, you can obviously do that on a high roller table. In this case, the maximum bets can easily go up to hundred or thousand range!

If you want our advice, we recommend you to check out which Evolution Gaming live casino games are offered at your online casino provider, such Betiton’s live casino. It’s very important that you read the Terms and Conditions related to the max and min betting limits. In this way, you’ll also be aware of any wagering requirements that need to be met.

Language Options

What also stands out in Evolution Gaming live casino games is the fact that all of them come with different language options. Given that the company operates in a number of countries, the team has made it possible for all players to enjoy their live casino gaming experience in their native language. So, even if English isn’t your first language or it’s simply not good enough for effective communication with the dealer, there are options for you! Rest assured you can still place your bets and win big payouts just by adjusting the language to your liking.

How to Sign up to an Evolution Gaming Casino

If you like Evolution Gaming has to offer, there’s only one thing left to do – sign up of course! That’s right, it’s time to kickstart your live casino journey with a bang!

We understand that beginners don’t have a lot of experience with online casino platforms. For some reason or another they may find the whole registration process quite nerve-wrecking. Lucky for you, we’re here to give you a helping hand!

We’re also delighted to tell you that signing up couldn’t be easier! In fact, you’ll be done in a couple of minutes! All you need to do is find a live casino provider you like, proceed to the signing up process, place your deposit, claim your welcome bonus and get playing! That’s all there is to it.

Here’s the full process broken down in 5 simple steps:

  • Do your research to find the ideal live casino site that works for you
  • Sign up/Log in
  • Enter your personal details – name, address, proof of ID etc.
  • Add funds to your account (Minimum Deposit)
  • Claim your live casino bonus – free spins, free chip or cash prize (T&Cs Apply)
  • Play to earn your winnings!

Evolution Gaming Live Dealer Games

And now, it’s time to unveil the top live casino games from this great software provider!

Live Blackjack

No live dealer experience from Evolution Gaming is complete without some classic live blackjack. Needless to say, one of the most loved casino classics of all time. Just as you would expect from any online casino game, the objective remains the same here. To beat the house, you need to form a hand that amounts to 21 or end up with a number that is higher that the dealer’s.

The main differences of live blackjack come in to play when you take your game to this next level. In fact, some live casino blackjack games are played in a seven-seat environment. On top of that, you’re given the option to enjoy the Bet Behind feature if you’re not particularly that confident in your game yet.

Best of all, there are many variants you can try your hand at. Rest assured that Evolution Gaming doesn’t disappoint with Infinite Blackjack, Blitz Blackjack, Speed Blackjack and many others.

Live Roulette

It’s time to get the ball rolling with none other than casino roulette live. As we’ve seen in previous sections of the guide, Evolution Gaming promises a great live roulette experience for all the fans out there.

Like live blackjack, the concept also remains the same her except for a few differences here and there. You just need to place your bets on the red and black compartments of the roulette wheel. As soon as the ball falls on the wheel and it stops spinning, your fate is sealed! You’ll either be walking away with a huge payout or you can try again tomorrow.

Evolution Gaming has also given you the option to access both mainstream tables and VIP tables in this respect. Best of all, you can also chat and exchange some banter with your very own native speaking dealer!

Live Baccarat 

Is lady luck on your side? You’re about to find out! Don’t miss out on a chance to play James Bond’s all-time favourite game with Evolution Gaming. Live baccarat is played with 8 decks of 52 cards. It’s actually very similar to blackjack, with the only difference being that you need a value of 9 instead of 21 to beat the banker.

If we had to compare live baccarat to online baccarat, there are also some extra features here. These include special bets like Pairs. What’s more is that you can view your own betting stats so that you can place better ones in the next round and also get some insights into the game your opponent is playing.

Live Poker

As you already know, Evolution Gaming also doesn’t disappoint in the live poker department. It’s a classic that is well and truly here to stay. Don’t believe us? Check out the variety of titles that are available! If you’re looking for our recommendations, do check out what Side Bet Poker, Live Caribbean Stud Poker and Live Casino Texas Hold’Em can offer. Until then, may the best hand win!

Dream Catcher

Are you more of a slot player? Or are you simply looking for a live game that isn’t necessary related to a classic table game? Lucky for you, Evolution Gaming has made sure there’s something special for all players out there.

Take Dream Catcher as an example. The thrilling money-wheel game has excited players from all over the world for the last few years – and with good reason! Featuring the HD multi-angle camera, stunning animations and catchy sound effects Dream Catcher guarantees non-stop thrills and big wins every single time!

Evolution Gaming did a fantastic job with the precision-engineered wheel here. You simply can’t fault it! From your end all you need to do is place bets on numbers 1, 2, 4, 10 or 40. If the wheel stops at any of the aforementioned numbers, you take home the gold!

We absolutely love this game and we can’t recommend it enough. Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself and tell us what you think!

Monopoly Live

Once again we’ve got yet another live casino game for Evolution Gaming that isn’t a table game. Of course, this isn’t an issue for us in any way. On the contrary, we think we’ve saved the best for last!

Evolution Gaming has teamed up with Hasbro to bring you the one, the only – Monopoly Live. Needless to say, fans of the classic board game will be thrilled to have such an option available in the online gambling world. Rest assured that this adventure with Mr Monopoly will once again exceed all expectations!

Undoubtedly, Evolution Gaming did a brilliant job to bring this game to life. In fact, you’re treated to all the classic elements that we’re sure you’re familiar with from all the times you played the board game. We also love how Evolution Gaming worked incorporated a brilliant, augmented reality experience that exceeds all expectations.

Like Dream Catcher, we’ve got ourselves yet another money wheel game here. Once again, the concept revolves around you placing your wagers on the wheel. In this case, a live host will also be present to spin the wheel and call out the winning bets.

Let’s just say that if you win, Mr Monopoly may or may just make a surprise cameo. And that’s not all! He’ll also be in charge of giving you the payouts you’ve won! Best of all, you have many opportunities to get your hands on big cash prizes and multipliers during the Chance and Rolls segments.

Can this get any more exciting?! What are you waiting for? Join Mr Monopoly on his latest and most exciting adventure yet with Evolution Gaming.

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